Sylvia Evers


Sylvia Evers (1971) creates ceramic sculptures that depict poetic and serene representations of the human body, symbolic actions, and animal forms. The symbolism of the animal kingdom in relation to humanity often takes center stage in her work, where she sometimes literally merges these two worlds.

"The thin line between vulnerability and resilience exerts a profound allure on me. This concept serves as a thematic framework during the creative process and a guiding principle for my choice of materials, reflecting these inherent qualities. One observes what resonates with them and recognizes themselves in the other."


Exhibition at Bentlage Abbey

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about my work

"Sylvia Evers' figures embody the definition of 'being': the true essence, the essential that makes a thing what it is. Her sculptures follow that definition: they present an essential form of “being”, a core, like they have discarded the shell of reality and all that is left is the essence of their being.

 (Peter Delpeut)